The Atari Falcon 030 was Atari’s last and final computer and was actually only produced from 1992 to 1993

Often dubbed ” the musicians” computer due to it’s “out of the box” hard disk recording abilities which included DSP it was ahead of it’s time when used with powerful programs such as Steinberg’s Cubase Audio or C LAB’s Logic Audio.

 Spec: (TOS 4.04/14mb/4GB internal CF card/new NV RAM/co-processor) from £1500

The Atari ST / STE was part of the 16/32 bit generation of home computers on the Motorolla 68000 CPU, with 512 (520) or 1020 (1040) KB or RAM and double-sided double-density 720 KB floppy disk drive

Thanks to its built-in MIDI ports it enjoyed success for running music sequencer software supported from companies such as Steinberg and C LAB who wrote subsequent music / midi programs Cubase and Creator / Notator respectively which would run on a 1mb 1040 ST with high resolution SM 124 / SM 125 / SM 144 monitor.

 STFM with 1mb memory  Prices from £110 /  STE (with 4mb) prices from £210

The MEGA STE is based on STE hardware and was 100% compatible with the standard STE, it used the same casing as the TT but was coloured grey instead of white.

A unique feature of the MEGA STE in relation to previous Atari systems is the software-switchable CPU peed, which allows the CPU to operate at 16 MHz for faster processing or 8 MHz for better compatibility with old software.

Some models also included an optional internal hard disk

The VME bus provided expansion capability using graphic cards and Ethernet network connectivity. Mega STE 4mb / TOS 2.06 / 1.44mb floppy drive / Keyboard - £800

The TT030 was aimed at the business world and was Atari’s most powerful computer running at 32Mhz and still remaining backward compatible with most ST software

It was more powerful than the Falcon and included a standard SCSI port and VGA monitor port for connection to any PC type screen, again like the Mega STE it has the VME expansion port, internal hard drive and most of them had 1.44mb floppy drives as standard (except a few early models)

2mb model + 4mb TT RAM card / Internal HD / Keyboard - £1500

Atari Falcon 030 Atari 1040 STE Atari Mega STE Atari TT

The Mega ST was Atari's first major enhancement to the ST line of computers. 

With 1MB 2MB or 4MB memory (expandable with add-on cards), built in BLITTER graphics chip, and MegaBUS expansion Slot all packaged into a much more professional looking package with seperate keyboard it was also popular with muscians in studios.

Mega ST 1 - (Computer and Keyboard) - Prices from £250   

Mega ST 2 - (Computer and Keyboard) - Prices from £300   

Mega ST 4 - (Computer and Keyboard) - Prices from £350   

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